• Past Presidents

  • 2020 Jay Moskowitz, City Point Partners

    2019 Jay Moskowitz, City Point Partners

    2018 Matthew Guarracino, JM Electrical Company, Inc.

    2017 Richard J. Lampman, Berkeley Building Company

    2016 Rocco Derrigo, American Energy Management

    2015 James Kolb, STV | DPM, Inc.

    2014 Daniel P. Perruzzi, Jr., AIA, LEED AP, Margulies Perruzzi Architects

    2013 Joe Flynn, Allsteel

    2012 Benjamin J. Goldfarb, Nauset Construction Corp.

    2011 John Cannistraro, Jr., Cannistraro

    2010 Mark David, Elaine Construction

    2009 Paul Coffey, HUB International New England

    2008 Richard J. Lampman, Berkeley Building Company

    2007 Michael Reilly, Reilly Communications 

    2006 Michael Reilly, Reilly Communications *

    2006 Joseph J. Albanese, Commodore Builders *

    2005 Colin G. Simson, P.E., Symmes Maini McKee

    2004 Richard L. Collari, Collari Associates, Inc. 

    2003 Shaila Kennedy Garland, Lee Kennedy Co., Inc.

    2002 Joseph Gallagher, Boston Sand & Gravel

    2001 Jeremy Ritzenberg, Hinckley Allen

    2000 Michael S. Barr, Siena Construction Corporation

    1999 Joseph M. Stella, Marsh Risk Consulting

    1998 David Marr, Marr Equipment Corp.

    1997 Blasdel A. Reardon, Strategic Enterprise Technology

    1996 Dorwin A. J. Thomas, AIA, Dorwin Thomas Architects

    1995 Arthur H. Boyle, P.E., Consulting Engineering Company

    1994 Dennis Driscoll, The Driscoll Agency

    1993 David E. Whittaker, Boston Edison Company

    1992 Daniel F. Marr, III, Marr Scaffolding Company, Inc.

    1991 Michael J. Prendergast, Burgin Platner Hurley Insurance

    1990 Richard Dempsey, Perini Corporation

    1989 Brian R. Driscoll, The Driscoll Agency 

    1988 Robert B. White, Richard White Sons, Inc.

    1987 James F. Stearns, Jr., L. Antonelli Iron Works, Inc.

    1986 Donald S. Moscone, Moscone, Inc.

    1985 John M. Malouf, Allied Products Group, Inc.

    1984 John P. Karle, J. C. Higgins Corp.

    1983 William J. Collins, Barker Steel Company, Inc.

    1982 Nelson A. Beveridge, Kamco Supply Corp. Of Boston

    1981 Mary A. Johnson, Faneuil Construction Inc.

    1980 G. Burton Mullen, Mullen Lumber Company, Inc.

    1979 Erwin N. Ziner, Ziner & Rossetti Associates

    1978 Edmond H. White, Jr., Richard White Sons, Inc.

    1977 Richard L. Mullin, Symmes Maini & McKee Associates 

    1976 Harold S. Glenzel, New England Telephone

    1975 J. Barry Driscoll, The Driscoll Agency 

    1974 Michael A. Heffernan, Knoll Contracting Corp.

    1973 Sidney Shuman, Shuman Construction Co.

    1972 Robert B. Barton, Rosenfeld Concrete Co.

    1971 William L. Maini, Symmes Maini & McKee Associates 

    1970 Robert P. McDonald, Vappi & Company, Inc.

    1969 Robert L. Marr, Marr Scaffolding Co.

    1968 Douglas Cole Smith, AIA, Ashley, Myer & Associates

    1967 Allen E. Gifford, Francis H. Curtin Insurance Agency, Inc.

    1966 Joseph J. Lane, Barker Steel Company, Inc.

    1965 Arthur R. Barnes, Jr., Barnes & Jarnis, Inc.

    1964 Edward H. Roemer, New England Telephone & Telegraph Company

    1963 A. J. Martini, A. J. Martini, Inc.

    1962 Paul G. Grady, Dillaby Fireproofing Company

    1961 Harry J. Korslund, Korslund, Lenormand & Quann, Inc.

    1960 William Moore, J. P. O'Connell Company

    1959 Lawrence S. Burke, Cleverdon, Varney & Pike

    1958 Charles H. Watt, Republic Steel Corp.

    1957 S. Peter Volpe, John A. Volpe Construction Co.

    1956 Edwin M. Howard, Whitman & Howard, Inc.

    1954 William F. White, Richard White Sons, Inc.

    1952 Maurice A. Reidy, Engineer

    1950 Frank W. Crimp, Adden, Parker, Clinch & Crimp

    1949 Alan J. Potter, Aberthaw Company 

    1947 Frederick P. Coffey, Anderson-Coffey Company, Inc.

    1944 William G. Perry, Perry, Shaw, Hepburn & Dean

    1941 G. Houston Burr

    1938 William Roger Greeley, Kilham, Hopkins, Greeley & Brodie

    1937 Herbert A. Snow, Buerkel & Company

    1934 John T. Whitmore

    1931 William D. Austin

    1921 William Stanley Parker, Architect

    _ * Joseph Albanese called to active duty, U.S. Navy, Jan. '07

    _ * Michael Reilly served as President Jan. '07-May '08

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  • Who we are...the Massachusetts Building Congress brings together decision makers from all corners of the $7.4 billion design and construction industry in Massachusetts. Established in 1921, the MBC provides business and networking forums for professionals in the AEC community. Through our monthly breakfast programs, social and fundraising events, and educational forums, the MBC helps members promote their business while advancing the mutual interests of all.