• Attended the June 6, 2019 Breakfast Program

    Jeannine Barrio,  Aerotek

    Sarah Mahoney,  Aerotek

    Stephen Iannucci,  Aerotek Construction

    David Ellowitz,  AHA Consulting Engineers

    Nicholas Valls,  AKF Group

    George West,  Albireo Energy

    David Gallagher,  Albireo Energy LLC

    Tanino Tarara,  Albireo Energy, LLC

    Joe Flynn,  Allsteel

    Rocco Derrigo,  American Energy Management

    Steve Cunningham,  American Energy Management

    Robert Locklin,  American Energy Management

    David Johnston,  American Energy Management

    Daniel Bent,  American Plumbing & Heating Corp.

    Ed Misk,  American Plumbing & Heating Corp.

    Sara Clancy,  American Plumbing & Heating Corp.

    Philip Laird,  ARC - Architectural Resources Cambridge

    Christopher Angelakis,  ARC - Architectural Resources Cambridge

    Laurie Barton,  Armstrong

    Brendan Paquette,  Atlantic Bridge & Engineering, Inc.

    Mike Peugh,  Bala Consulting Engineers

    Patricia Grenier,  BDO USA, LLP

    Justin Amico,  BDO USA, LLP

    John Bysiewicz,  BDO USA, LLP

    George Preble,  Beals and Thomas, Inc.

    Stacy Minihane,  Beals and Thomas, Inc.

    Paula Thompson,  Beals and Thomas, Inc.

    Elizabeth Clark,  Beals and Thomas, Inc.

    Matthew Cote,  Beals and Thomas, Inc.

    Robert Buckley,  Beals and Thomas, Inc.

    Additional Attendee,  Beals and Thomas, Inc.

    Additional Attendee,  Beals and Thomas, Inc.

    Francois Lemieux,  Beauce Atlas

    Additional Attendee,  Beauce Atlas

    Laura Cannistraro,  Cannistraro

    John Cannistraro, Jr.,  Cannistraro

    Kyle Borseti,  Cannistraro

    Jennifer DeAmicis,  Cannistraro

    Michael Williams,  Cannistraro

    Phil Gagnon,  Cannistraro

    Gregory McKenna,  Cannistraro

    Additional Attendee,  Cannistraro

    Jeff Martin,  Carpenters Local 328

    Greg Poole,  Carpenters Local 328

    Vickie Alani,  CBT

    Jim Burke,  CBT

    Jay Moskowitz,  City Point Partners LLC

    Sean Curtin,  Commodore Builders

    Greg Lusky,  Commodore Builders

    Stan Martin, Esq.,  Commonsense Construction Law LLC

    Brian Barringer,  Consigli Construction Co., Inc.

    Jeff Navin,  Consigli Construction Co., Inc.

    Erin DeBruyn,  Consigli Construction Co., Inc.

    Jon Desmond,  Cox Engineering

    James Kros,  CRJA-IBI Group

    Ed LeFlore,  CSL Consulting

    Chris Neil,  CSL Consulting

    Enzo Scalora,  CSL Consulting

    John Ricker,  CSL Consulting

    Patrick O'Brien,  Dimeo Construction Company

    Keith Wallace,  DivcoWest

    Mark Roopenian,  DivcoWest

    Michelle Carter,  DivcoWest

    Tina Snyder,  DivcoWest

    Caroline Sullivan,  DivcoWest

    Leonard Monfredo,  E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Vin Petroni,  E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Mary-Beth Emerson,  E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Laura Clarizio,  E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Steve Bean,  E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Steve Hilliger,  E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Additional Attendee,  E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Additional Attendee,  E. M. Duggan Inc.

    John McCarthy,  EH&E

    Justin Fishlin,  Ellis Fire Suppression Inc

    Eric Rennell,  Ellis Fire Suppression Inc

    melissa hulburt,  erik rueda design lab

    Kimberly Cullinane,  Eversource

    Tom Proietti,  Flow

    Tom Halgas,  Flow Tech, Inc.

    Timothy West,  Gaston Electrical Co., Inc

    Paul Higgins,  Gaston Electrical Co., Inc.

    Karina Silvester,  Gensler

    Thomas Pucillo,  H. Carr & Sons, Inc.

    Kelvin Wong,  Haley & Aldrich

    Mike Weaver,  Haley & Aldrich

    Nate Sherwood,  Haley & Aldrich

    Chris Mulhern,  Harrison Mulhern Architects

    Allen Sawyer,  Harry Grodsky Co, Inc.

    Sean Bowes,  Harry Grodsky Co, Inc.

    Kenell Broomstein,  IBEW Local 103

    John Kelly,  IBEW Local 103

    Bill Gnerre,  Interval Data Systems

    Bryan Greene,  J. & M. Brown Company, Inc.

    David Noon,  J. & M. Brown Company, Inc.

    Joseph Trodella,  J. & M. Brown Company, Inc.

    Andrew Feibelman,  JLL

    Matthew Guarracino,  JM Electrical

    John Guarracino,  JM Electrical Co., Inc.

    Paul Guarracino,  JM Electrical Company Inc.

    Andrew Guarracino,  JM Electrical Co., Inc.

    Niall Black,  JM Electrical Company Inc.

    Adam Palmer,  JM Electrical Company Inc.

    Frank Kelly,  JM Electrical Company Inc.

    Kyle Gillis,  JM Electrical Company Inc.

    Mark Chardavoyne,  CDV Consulting

    Andrew Hall,  John Moriarty & Associates, Inc.

    Finn O'Sullivan,  John Moriarty & Associates, Inc.

    Sam Martin,  Johnson Controls

    Matt Desimone,  Johnson Controls

    Dan Meyers,  Johnson Controls

    Justin Hamel,  KI

    Beth Doherty,  KI

    Aaron Hall,  Leftfield, LLC

    Dennis Sacco, Jr.,  Limbach Company LLC

    Jim McCarthy,  Limbach Company LLC

    Tom Roche,  Limbach Company LLC

    Ian Walshe,  Limbach Company LLC

    Rebecca Winter,  Limbach Company LLC

    Steve Francis,  Manganaro Northeast, LLC

    Derek Feldman,  Manganaro Northeast, LLC

    Larry Van Daalen,  Manganaro Northeast, LLC

    Devin Callahan-Cormier,  Manganaro Northeast, LLC

    Anthony Partyka,  Manganaro Northeast, LLC

    Brett Hyland,  Manganaro Northeast, LLC

    Eileen Warford,  Manganaro Northeast, LLC

    Daniel Perruzzi, Jr., AIA,  Margulies Perruzzi Architects

    Bill Lederman,  Marr Scaffolding Co.

    Jan Breed,  Massachusetts Building Congress

    Bruce Douglas,  Natural Systems Utilities

    Mark Williams,  Nauset Construction Corp.

    Daniel White,  Navitas System Integration

    Matt Slattery,  Navitas System Integration LLC

    Anthony Orlando,  New England Lab Casework

    Jim Hogan,  Northstar Project & Real Estate Services

    Wanda Lee,  Northstar Project & Real Estate Services

    Kerry Logue,  Northstar Project & Real Estate Services

    Janet Tse,  Northstar Project & Real Estate Services

    Patrick Burns,  Northstar Project & Real Estate Services

    Kelly Kurlbaum,  Northstar Project & Real Estate Services

    Katherine Kenney,  Northstar Project & Real Estate Services

    Dan Wilson,  Omnilite

    Gary Bolduc,  Poblocki Sign Company

    Alex Vanderweil,  R.G. Vanderweil Engineers, LLP

    Caroline Bishop,  Resource Options Inc.

    Haley Muir,  Resource Options Inc.

    Michael Shea,  Resource Options Inc.

    Chet Jobert,  Resource Options, Inc.

    Kevin Stetson,  Sanborn Head & Associates

    matthew petrie,  Sasaki

    Justin Simmons,  Schneider Electric

    Jerry Quinn,  Siemens

    Raquel Powers,  Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.

    Mark Schores,  Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.

    Jaime Paris Boisvert,  Siemens Industry, Inc

    Charles Cobb,  Silver Lake Legal

    Matthew Colturi,  Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

    Brooke Schreiber,  Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc.

    Stephen Palumbo,  SmithGroup

    Adrian Walters,  SMMA

    Fran Harrison,  SMRT Architects and Engineers

    Jeff Talka,  SMRT Architects and Engineers

    Ariana Mansfield,  TEC Building Systems, LLC

    Thomas Steeves,  TJ McCartney, Inc.

    Dennis McDonnell,  TJ McCartney, Inc.

    Jason Emery,  Trane

    Beth Doyle,  Trane

    Mike Carey,  Trane

    Trevor Atwell,  Tsoi Kobus Design

    Marsha Miller,  Vanderweil Engineers

    Myles MacDonald,  Victaulic

    Michael Belanger,  Victaulic

    Ken White,  Walsh Brothers

    Michelle Schreib,  Walsh Brothers

    Indy Prates,  Wentworth Institute of Technology

    Asya Tokbey,  Wentworth Institute of Technology

    Leah Studer,  Wentworth Institute of Technology

    Tamara Lastre,  Wentworth Institute of Technology

    Michael Brown,  WSP USA

    Benjamin Nossek,  Zurich North America

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