• Attended the April 23, 2019 Breakfast Program

    Mark Horn,

    George West, Albireo Energy

    Tanino Tarara, Albireo Energy, LLC

    Nick Labbe, Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.

    Rocco Derrigo, American Energy Management

    Brian Anderson, Anderson Porter Design

    Sergio Verrillo, Anderson Porter Design

    Mike DiMascio, Arup

    Matt Grosshandler, Bald Hill Builders

    Jeff Shute, Bowdoin Construction

    Kay Doyle, Cannabis Control Commission

    Michele Blair, Chapman Construction/Design

    John Hyde, Chapman Construction/Design

    Jay Moskowitz, City Point Partners LLC

    Ed O’Rourke, Commodore Builders

    Richard Fisher, Commodore Recovery LLC

    John Tripp, Construction Consulting Associates, LLC

    John Amodeo, CRJA-IBI Group

    Amit Shah, DiGiorgio Associates, A LiRo Group Company

    Paul Muniz, Donovan

    David Rader, Dyer Brown Architects

    Tim Gibbs, E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Linda Luu, E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Jodi Beebe, e2s (energy efficiency services)

    Michael Saracco, ENE Systems, Inc.

    John Doherty, ENE Systems, Inc.

    Karl Lennon, ENE Systems, Inc.

    Bryan Williams, ENE Systems, Inc.

    G. Conboy, Erland Construction, Inc.

    Matt Merli, Fitzemeyer & Tocci Associates, Inc.

    Scott LeClair, Fitzemeyer & Tocci Associates, Inc.

    Tom Proietti, Flow Tech Inc

    Mike Sweeney, FMC Technologies

    Brendan McCue, Fort Point Project Management

    Victoria Saber, Fort Point Project Management

    Joseph Sziabowski, Hardaway Sziabowski

    Dave Streeter, Harry Grodsky & Co., Inc

    Chris Jankins, Hereva Consultants

    Michael Barnes, High-Profile Monthly

    Mark Kelly, High-Profile Monthly

    Logan Bergeron, Hinckley Allen

    Rhian Cull, Hinckley Allen

    Paul O’Donnell, Hinckley Allen

    Seth Pasakarnis, Hinckley Allen

    Additional Attendee, Hinckley Allen

    Additional Attendee, Hinckley Allen

    Additional Attendee, Hinckley Allen

    John Connelly, Hinckley Allen Snyder LLP

    Alan Wall, Holden Humphrey Co.

    Jeff Bernarducci, Holland & Knight LLP

    Lisa Podgurski, IBEW Local 103

    Chris Oldham, JM Coull, Inc

    Matthew Guarracino, JM Electrical

    Paul Guarracino, JM Electrical Company Inc.

    John Guarracino, JM Electrical Co., Inc.

    Adam Palmer, JM Electrical Company Inc.

    Andrew Guarracino, JM Electrical Co., Inc.

    Sam Martin, Johnson Controls

    Scott Mellecker, Johnson Controls

    Amy Simmonds, Johnson Controls

    Matt DiPace, Johnson Controls

    Stephanie Griffith, Johnson controls

    Michael Sams, Kenney & Sams, P.C.

    Kevin Sanderson, Liberty Mutual Surety

    Ellen Hurley, Liberty Mutual Surety

    Daniel Beckett, Liberty Mutual Surety

    Maria Tatarczuk, Limbach Company LLC

    Tom McCafferty, Marr Scaffolding Co.

    Jan Breed, Massachusetts Building Congress

    Benjamin Goldfarb, Nauset Construction Corp.

    Stephen Affanato, New England Mechanical Contractors Association

    Nick Havan, Nisch Engineering

    Ashley Myslinski, Northstar Project & Real Estate Services

    Kerry Logue, Northstar Project & Real Estate Services

    Wanda Lee, Northstar Project & Real Estate Services

    Keith Giguere, NV5

    Dan Wilson, Omnilite

    Dan Wilson, Omnilite

    Additional Attendee, Omnilite

    Additional Attendee, Omnilite

    Additional Attendee, Omnilite

    Drew Colby, Partridge Snow & Hahn, LLP

    Judy TRUE, Pavers by Ideal

    Steven Silverman, ProSpray Insulation

    Aaron Roy, R.W. Sullivan Engineering

    Ed Estabrook, R.W. Sullivan Engineering

    Tim Mahoney, R.W. Sullivan Engineering

    Michael Reilly, Reilly Communications

    Emily Kerswell, SMRT Architects and Engineers

    Fran Harrison, SMRT Architects and Engineers

    Jeff Surette, Surette Creative

    Stephen Lafaille, Tecogen Inc.

    Jay Driscoll, The Driscoll Agency

    Luke Olden, The LiRo Group

    Beth Doyle, Trane

    Harry Brown, Trane

    Alex Vermillion, Trane

    Nolan Lantieri, Trane

    Bernadette Lahey, Travelers

    Greg Steele, Construction Risk Partners

    Tyler Oakes, Construction Risk Partners

    Mattl Daly, Construction Risk Partners

    Dennis Driscoll, The Driscoll Agency

    Joran Tirone, DeSanctis Insurance

    Katie Pirrello, Travelers

    TBD TBD, Travelers

    Robbin Beauchamp, Wentworth Institute of Technology

    Christopher Mok, Wentworth Institute of Technology

    Dave Toupin, Wentworth Institute of Technology

    Faith Bade, Wentworth Institute of Technology

    Michael Brown, WSP USA

    Benjamin Nossek, Zurich North America

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