• Attended the February 21, 2019 Breakfast Program

    Leonard McAlister, Cox Engineering Company

    Jon Desmond, Cox Engineering Company

    Jeannine Barrio, Aerotek

    Stephen Iannucci, Aerotek

    Carina Russo, Aerotek

    George West, Albireo Energy, LLC

    Tony Tarara, Albireo Energy, LLC

    Nick Labbe, Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.

    Joe Flynn, Allsteel

    Edward Bludnicki, Ameresco

    Tony Giordano, American Contractors

    Rocco Derrigo, American Energy Management

    Laurie Barton, Armstrong Ceilings

    Amy Korte, Arrowstreet

    David Bois, Arrowstreet

    Richard Lampman, Ascon Construction Inc.

    Jeff Banks, Automated Logic

    Robert Lacourse, Automated Logic

    Ron Perry, Avison Young

    Matt Perry, Avison Young

    Patricia Grenier, BDO USA, LLP

    Justin Amico, BDO USA, LLP

    Pat O’Halloran, BDO USA, LLP

    John Hynes, Boston Global Investors

    John Hynes, Boston Global Investors

    Victor Vizgaitis, Sasaki

    Scott Summers, Boston Global Investors

    Greg Loukas, Boston Global Investors

    Len Conlin, Boston Global Investors

    Linda Margolin, Boston Global Investors

    Kevin Benedix, Boston Global Investors

    Debra Wallbridge, Boston Global Investors

    Todd Livolsi, Briggs Engineering

    Laura Cannistraro, Cannistraro

    Kyle Borseti, Cannistraro

    Jennifer DeAmicis, Cannistraro

    Phil Gagnon, Cannistraro

    Neil Johnson, Cannistraro

    Kelly McNeill, Cannistraro

    Monica Wong, Cannistraro

    John Cannistraro, Cannistraro

    Matthew Cannistaro, Cannistraro

    Sean Killgoar, Citrin Cooperman

    Tom Hynes, Colliers

    Thomas Hynes, Colliers International

    Ed O’Rourke, Commodore Builders

    Christopher Jones, CRJA-IBI Group

    Carl Frushour, CRJA-IBI Group

    Barry Hynes, Cushman & Wakefield

    Patrick O’Brien, Dimeo Construction Company

    Kristin O’Connor, Dimeo Construction Company

    Greg Minott, DREAM Collaborative

    Troy Depeiza, DREAM Collaborative

    Jean Vatelia, DREAM Collaborative

    Leonard Monfredo, E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Vin Petroni, E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Rick Dorci, E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Kevin Walsh, E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Steve Hilliger, E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Mary-Beth Emerson, E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Laura Clarizio, E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Christine Linnahan, E. M. Duggan Inc.

    John Kulibaba, E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Larry LaFreniere, Electric Supply Center

    Cesar Fulcar, Electric Supply Center

    Justin Fishlin, Ellis Fire Suppression Inc

    Eric Rennell, Ellis Fire Suppression Inc

    Mike Kowaleski, ENE Systems, Inc.

    Patty Clapp, ENE Systems, Inc.

    Melissa Hulburt, Erik Rueda Design Lab

    Antonios Vytiniotis, Exponent

    Fredrick Massaro, Facility Management Director

    Joe Francisco, Fenagh Engineering and Testing

    Loryn Seabury, Geocomp

    Ian Mccusker, Geocomp

    Matthew Smith, GZA

    Cole Worthy, Haley & Aldrich, Inc.

    Cristina Pignio, Hartford

    Michael Barnes, High-Profile Monthly

    Betsy Gorman, High-Profile Monthly

    Jeff Bernarducci, Holland & Knight LLP

    Kathleen Stanley, Honeywell

    Kevin Monahan, IBEW Local 103

    John Kelly, IBEW Local 103

    Tiffany Riddle, illuminate

    Tammy Ferland, J. C. Higgins Corp.

    Bob Gallagher, J. C. Higgins Corp.

    Joyce Blatt, JEB Consulting--Dowling Houy/Kontract

    Matthew Guarracino, JM Electrical

    Paul Guarracino, JM Electrical

    John Guarracino, JM Electrical

    Shelly Enes, JM Electrical

    Frank Kelly, JM Electrical

    Adam Palmer, JM Electrical

    Andrew Guarracino, JM Electrical

    Stephen Guarracino, JM Electrical

    Ted Kakambouras, JM Electrical

    Michael Chames, Johnson Controls Inc

    Jay Argus, Karas & Karas Glass Co.

    Kayleigh Fraser, Knoll

    Aaron Ford, L.A. Fuess Partners-Boston, LLC

    Keith Yancey, Lam Partners Inc

    Christoph Kapp, Liberty Mutual Surety

    Dan Beckett, Liberty Mutual Surety

    Kevin Sanderson, Liberty Mutual Surety

    Ellen Hurley, Liberty Mutual Surety

    Ian Walshe, Limbach

    Maria Tatarczuk, Limbach Company LLC

    Jay Driscoll, Lockton Companies

    Andrew Sercombe, Lockton Companies

    Daniel Perruzzi, Margulies Perruzzi Architects

    Thomas McCafferty, Marr Scaffolding Co.

    Jeff Marr Jr., Marr Scaffolding Co.

    David Marr Jr., Marr Scaffolding Co.

    Katherine Marr, Marr Scaffolding Co.

    Jan Breed, Massachusetts Building Congress

    Richard Fisher, The Costin Group

    Michael Reilly, Reilly Communications

    Ron Finlayson, The Costin Group

    Dan Anderson, Anderson Porter Design

    John Martin, McCarter & English, LLP

    Kevin Gill, McCusker-Gill, Inc.

    Benjamin Goldfarb, Nauset Construction Corp.

    Philip Bucciero, Nauset Construction Corp.

    Daniel Riggs, EMBARC

    Stephen Affanato, New England Mechanical Contractors Association

    Steven Ventresca, Nitsch Engineering

    John Schimd, Nitsch Engineering

    Jessica Waia, Nitsch Engineering

    Jonathan Hedlund, Nitsch Engineering

    Jim Hogan, Northstar Project & Real Estate Services

    Andy Touchette, Northstar Project & Real Estate Services

    Wanda Lee, Northstar Project & Real Estate Services

    Matthew Doring, Nutter

    Marianne Ajemian, Nutter

    Michael Burke, Nutter

    Chris Papavasiliou, Nutter

    Dan Wilson, Omnilite

    Jennifer Foley, Omnilite

    Judy True, Pavers by Ideal

    Brian Serafin, Premier Mechanical

    Joe McGrath, Premier Mechanical

    Brendan Fahey, Premier Mechanical

    Alexander Vanderweil, R.G. Vanderweil Engineers, LLP

    Alfonso Hernandez, R.G. Vanderweil Engineers, LLP

    Rich Trabucco, Reflex Lighting

    Dave Fitzpatrick, Reflex Lighting

    Caroline Bishop, Resource Options Inc.

    Lou Sannella, RSM

    Stan Sadkowski, Sanborn Head & Associates

    Kevin Stetson, Sanborn Head & Associates

    Amy Blomeke, Sanborn Head & Associates

    Christopher Sgarzi, Sasaki

    Kate Vanheusen, Sasaki

    Philip Dugdale, Sasaki

    Tori Fisher, Sasaki

    Justin Simmons, Schneider Electric

    Steve Hassell, Shawmut Design and Construction

    Mark Schores, Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.

    Steven Schultz, Siemens Industry, Inc

    Fran Harrison, SMRT Architects and Engineers

    Andrew Falvey, Stone Source

    Jeff Gouveia, Suffolk Construction

    Anthony Aiello, Suffolk Construction

    Dave Teixeira, Suffolk Construction

    John Gallagher, Sullivan and McLaughlin

    Kevin Recinito, Sullivan and McLaughlin

    Chris Ruggiero, Sullivan and McLaughlin

    Jed Toohey, Superior Communication Services

    Ariana Mansfield, TEC Systems

    Dennis Driscoll, The Driscoll Agency

    Peter Quigley, Thornton Tomasetti

    Han Xu, Thornton Tomasetti

    Kevin  Colbert, Trane

    Jason Emery, Trane

    Bernadette Lahey, Travelers

    Cody Giroux, Travelers

    Lyle Czuchra, Travelers

    Alissa Wood, Travelers

    Jordan Tirone, DeSanctis Insurance

    Gregory Steele, Construction Risk Partners, A JLT Group Company

    Tyler Oakes, Construction Risk Partners, A JLT Group Company

    Jason Wren, Aon Risk Services, Inc. of Mass.

    Additional Attendee, Travelers

    Additional Attendee, Travelers

    Seth Lattrell, VHB

    Myles MacDonald, Victaulic

    Amy Gebhardt, Victaulic

    Michael Belanger, Victaulic

    Ken White, Walsh Brothers

    Robbin Beauchamp, Wentworth Institute of Technology

    Timothy O’Toole, Wentworth Institute of Technology

    Angelica Samson, Wentworth Institute of Technology

    Mike Brown, WSP USA

    Mark Warren, WSP USA

    Benjamin Nossek, Zurich North America

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