• Attended the November 8, 2018 Breakfast Program

    Lisa Frisbie, AGC MA

    Kristin Adams, Aon

    Chet Patvary, Aon

    Susan Wisler, Architectural Engineers,  Inc.

    Mike DiMascio, Arup

    Richard Lampman, Ascon Construction Inc.

    Rob Lacourse, Automated Logic

    Jeff Banks, Automated Logic

    Patricia Grenier, BDO USA,  LLP

    Pat O’Halloran, BDO USA,  LLP

    Andy Connolly, Bright View/Valley Crest Landscape Development

    Eric Tomasini, Bright View/Valley Crest Landscape Development

    Mary Vogel, Building Pathways,  Inc

    Joe Cannistraro, Cannistraro

    Jaimee Chace, Cannistraro

    Ed Del Carmen, Cannistraro

    Dean Allaire, Cannistraro

    Kelly McNeill, Cannistraro

    Nancy Day, CDW Consultants,  Inc

    Michele Bogdan, Chapman Construction/Design

    Jay Moskowitz, City Point Partners LLC

    Nathalie Assens, Commodore Builders

    Kathy McMahon, Cranshaw Construction

    Julia Hall, Dimeo Construction Company

    Lori Corsi, Dimeo Construction Company

    Troy Depeiza, DREAM Collaborative

    Jean Vatelia, DREAM Development

    Leonard Monfredo, E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Rick Armitstead, E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Mary-Beth Emerson, E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Laura Clarizio, E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Savy Mann-Doherty, E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Josh Gagne, E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Christine Linnehan, E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Kevin Walsh, E. M. Duggan Inc.

    Chris Sheppard, Eastern Insurance

    Michael Feldman, Feldman Land Surveyors

    Paul Foley, Feldman Land Surveyors

    Anne King, Feldman Land Surveyors

    Additional Attendee, Feldman Land Surveyors

    Heather Ballantyne, GEI Consultants

    Ashley Camp, GLX Constructors

    Jeff Taylor, GLX Constructors

    Jeff Wagner, GLX Constructors

    Mary Hall, GZA GeoEnvironmental,  Inc.

    Christopher Hill, Harry Grodsky Co,  Inc.

    Jodi Anderson, Herzog Contracting Corp

    Michael Barnes, High-Profile Monthly

    Anastasia Barnes, High-Profile Monthly

    Lisa Podgurski, IBEW Local 103

    Judy True, Ideal Concrete Block Co.

    Ashley Greene, J. Derenzo

    Julia Narsasian, J. Derenzo Companies

    Sara Harris, Janey Co.

    Matthew Guarracino, JM Electrical

    John Guarracino, JM Electrical

    Adam Palmer, JM Electrical

    Stephen Guarracino, JM Electrical

    Niall Black, JM Electrical

    Andrew Guarracino, JM Electrical

    Stephen Poulos, JM Electrical

    Milton Benjamin, KAGE Growth Strategies,  LLC

    Ellen Hurley, Liberty Mutual Surety

    Rebecca Winter, Limbach

    Jessica Floyd, Limbach

    Maria Tartarczuk, Limbach Company

    Daniel Perruzzi, Margulies Perruzzi Architects

    Katherine Marr, Marr Scaffolding Co.

    Thomas McCafferty, Marr Scaffolding Company

    Kenneth Turner, Massport

    Magda Plumb, Massport

    John Martin, McCarter & English,  LLP

    Tom Cooney, McDonald Electrical Corp

    Julie Power, McDonald Electrical Corp

    Kathleen MaNeil, Millennium Partners

    William Moran, Millennium Partners

    Joseph Hernandez, Modern Times,  Inc.

    Stephen Affanato, New England Mechanical Contractors Association

    Lisa Brothers, Nitsch Engineering

    Rosa Romero, Nitsch Engineering

    Michelle Callahan, Nitsch Engineering

    Paige Simmons, Nitsch Engineering

    Jeff Campbell, Nitsch Engineering

    Catherine Walsh, Northeastern Univeristy

    Cassandra McKenzie, Northeastern University

    Jim Hogan, Northstar Project & Real Estate Services

    Abigail Day, NV5

    Karl Coiscou, Quock Associates LLC

    Michael Reilly, Reilly Communications

    Caroline Bishop, Resource Options Inc.

    Greg Deems, Rogers & Gray Insurance

    Lizett Frias, S & F Concrete Contractors,  Inc.

    Ashley Cook, S & F Concrete Contractors,  Inc.

    Victoria Klun, Lendlease

    Additional Attendee, S & F Concrete Contractors,  Inc.

    Jesica Bello, saam architecture,  llc.

    Diana Ostberg, saam architecture,  llc.

    Tricia Pinto, Sanborn Head

    Justin Simmons, Schneider Electric

    Perla Redfern, Siemens

    Rob Alix, Siemens Building Technologies,  Inc.

    Andrew Hross, Siemens Building Technologies,  Inc.

    Raquel Powers, Siemens Building Technologies,  Inc.

    Michael Wood, Siemens Building Technologies,  Inc.

    Fran Harrison, SMRT Architects and Engineers

    Linda Dorcena Forry, Suffolk Construction

    Corey Allen, Suffolk Construction

    Bernadette Lahey, Travelers

    Jen Lassige, Travelers

    Cam Nekoroski, United Civil,  Inc.

    Ken White, Walsh Brothers

    Linda Shaughnessey, Walsh Brothers

    Nicole Richer, Compliance Mentor Group

    Philip Hammond, Wentworth Institute of Technology

    Martha Sheehan, Wentworth Institute of Technology

    Robbin Beauchamp, Wentworth Institute of Technology

    Jer Jurma, Wentworth Institute of Technology

    Kristen Eckman, Wentworth Institute of Technology

    Dan Hogan, Wentworth Institute of Technology

    Abigail Trainor, Wentworth Institute of Technology

    Michael Brown, WSP

    Mark Warren, WSP USA

    Shruti James, WSP USA

    Matthew Hayes, WSP USA

  • 2018-11-08 Attended

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