• Attended the May 23, 2018 Breakfast with the Mayor

  • Tom Erickson, AECOM Tishman
    George West, Albireo Energy, LLC
    Tanino Tarara, Albireo Energy, LLC
    Nicholas Labbe, Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
    Joe Flynn, Allsteel
    Drew Thiel, American Plumbing & Heating Corp.
    Pat O'Toole, American Plumbing & Heating Corp.
    Dan Anderson, Anderson Porter Design
    Mark Herendeen, Aon Risk Services, Inc. of Mass.
    Todd MacDermott, Aon Risk Services, Inc. of Mass.
    Sean Sweeney, ARCADIS
    David Durfee, Armstrong Ceilings
    Michael DiMascio, Arup
    Richard Lampman, Ascon Construction Inc.
    Carrie Ciliberto, Associated Subcontractors of Massachusetts
    Brian Rispoli, Berkley Surety Group
    Justin LaJeunesse, BOND
    Chris Decker, BOND
    Todd Livolsi, Briggs Engineering
    Laura Cannistraro, Cannistraro
    Amy Cannistraro, Cannistraro
    John Cannistraro, Jr., Cannistraro
    Ken Reagen, Cannistraro
    Samantha Hill, Cannistraro
    Michele Bogdan, Chapman Construction/Design
    Anthony Pensabene, Chubb Group
    Laura Leigh Statue, Chubb Group
    Shane Stubblefield, Chubb Group
    Cristina Pignio, Chubb Group
    Colleen Moore, City Point Partners
    Lou Tarmy, City Point Partners
    Jay Moskowitz, City Point Partners LLC
    Kevin Koch, Colliers International
    Brian Meyer, Colliers International
    Ernie McAlister, Colliers International
    Karellis Rivera, Commodore Builders
    Alicia Hobart, Commodore Builders
    Stanley Martin, Esq., Commonsense Construction Law LLC
    Phil Brault, Consigli Construction Company
    Gregory Steele, Construction Risk Partners, A JLT Group Company
    Matt Daly, Construction Risk Partners, A JLT Group Company
    Sam Elwin-Allen, Construction Risk Partners, A JLT Group Company
    John Amodeo, CRJA-IBI Group
    Daniel Marr, III, Daniel Marr & Son Company
    Patrick O'Brien, Dimeo Construction Company
    Leonard Monfredo, E. M. Duggan Inc.
    Vin Petroni, E. M. Duggan Inc.
    Kevin Walsh, E. M. Duggan Inc.
    Mike Gillis, E. M. Duggan Inc.
    Kim Goodwin, E. M. Duggan Inc.
    Kerry McLean, E. M. Duggan Inc.
    Chris Sheppard, Eastern Insurance Group LLC
    Justin Fishlin, Ellis Fire Suppression Inc
    Eric Rennell, Ellis Fire Suppression Inc
    Lindsay Drisko, ENE Systems, Inc.
    Mike Kowaleski, ENE Systems, Inc.
    Steve Welch, ENE Systems, Inc.
    Antonios Vytiniotis, Exponent
    Brendan Casey, Exponent
    Michael Feldman, Feldman Land Surveyors
    Timothy West, Gaston Electrical Co. Inc.
    Rich Tobin, GEI Consultants, Inc.
    Paul Sousa, HAKS Engineers, PC
    Christopher Hill, Harry Grodsky Co, Inc.
    Jessica Floyd, Harry Grodsky Co, Inc.
    Jessica Stebbins, HDR
    Tom D'Intinosanto, High-Profile Monthly
    Betsy Gorman, High-Profile Monthly
    Seth Pasakarnis, Hinckley Allen
    John Connelly, Hinckley Allen
    Donald Sheehan, IBEW Local 103
    Kennell Broomstein, IBEW Local 103
    Lou Antonellis, IBEW Local 103
    Tim Long, IBEW Local 103
    Kevin Monahan, IBEW Local 103
    Jay Frasier, IBEW Local 103
    Frank Aikens, IBEW Local 103
    Lisa Podgurski, IBEW Local 103
    Doug Bosley, iCorps Technologies
    Dustin Feldman, Idea Paint
    Debi McDonald, JCJ Architecture
    Matthew Guarracino, JM Electrical Co., Inc.
    Paul Guarracino, JM Electrical Co., Inc.
    Andrew Guarracino, JM Electrical Co., Inc.
    Stephen Guarracino, JM Electrical Co., Inc.
    John Guarracino, JM Electrical Company Inc.
    Niall Black, JM Electrical Company Inc.
    Frank Kelly, JM Electrical Company Inc.
    Renee Leary, JM Electrical Company Inc.
    Shelly Enes, JM Electrical Company Inc.
    Michael Sams, Kenney & Sams, P.C.
    Jason Rogers, Kenney & Sams, P.C.
    Christoph Kapp, Liberty Mutual Surety
    Dan Beckett, Liberty Mutual Surety
    Ellen Hurley, Liberty Mutual Surety
    Curtis Webster, Limbach Company LLC
    Ian Walshe, Limbach Company LLC
    Derek Feldman, Manganaro Northeast, LLC
    Joe Tardif, Manganaro Northeast, LLC
    Dan Kreatz, Manganaro Northeast, LLC
    Kensley Beaucejour, Manganaro Northeast, LLC
    Jana Srajer, Manganaro Northeast, LLC
    Olga Braierova, Manganaro Northeast, LLC
    Daniel Perruzzi, Jr., AIA, Margulies Perruzzi Architects
    Paul Andrews, Markley
    David Marr Jr., Marr Crane & Rigging
    JW Shaughnessy, Marr Crane & Rigging
    Jacque Donovan, Marr Crane & Rigging
    David Marr, Marr Equipment Corp.
    Jen Marr, Marr Equipment Corp.
    Thomas McCafferty, Marr Scaffolding Co.
    Jan Breed, Massachusetts Building Congress
    John Martin, McCarter & English, LLP
    Joe Thompson, McCusker Gill Inc
    Scott Burns, McCusker Gill Inc
    Ben Goldfarb, Nauset Construction Corporation
    Stephen Affanato, New England Mechanical Contractors Association
    Steven Ventresca, Nitsch Engineering
    Timothy Parker, Nitsch Engineering
    Gary Pease, Nitsch Engineering
    Aaron Gallagher, Nitsch Engineering
    Jim Hogan, Northstar Project & Real Estate Services
    Wanda Lee, Northstar Project & Real Estate Services
    Kevin Byrne, Northstar Project & Real Estate Services
    Kerry Logue, Northstar Project & Real Estate Services
    Kristin Tomlinson, Northstar Project & Real Estate Services
    Kate Brannelly, Raths, Raths & Johnson, Inc.
    Rich Trabucco, Reflex Lighting
    Matt Fallon, Reflex Lighting
    Michael Reilly, Reilly Communications
    Caroline Bishop, Resource Options, Inc.
    John Martin, Resource Options, Inc.
    Susan Shelby, Rhino Public Relations
    Lizett Frias, S & F Concrete Contractors, Inc.
    Steve Comen, S& F Concrete
    Justin Simmons, Schneider Electric
    Thomas McCarty, Schneider Electric
    Steve Hassell, Shawmut Design and Construction
    Carla Moynihan, Sherin and Lodgen
    Michael Wood, Siemens
    Vincent Sgrosso, Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.
    Bernard Lebow, Sign Works Group, Inc.
    Charles Cobb, Silver Lake Legal
    Fran Harrison, SMRT Architects and Engineers
    Rob Barresi, Starkweather & Shepley Insurance
    John Gallagher, Sullivan & McLaughlin Companies
    Kevin Recinito, Sullivan & McLaughlin Companies
    John McLaughlin, Sullivan & McLaughlin Companies
    Ariana Mansfield, TEC Systems, Inc.
    Richard Fisher, The Costin Group
    Ron Finlayson, The Costin Group
    Marc Older, The Costin Group
    Jay Driscoll, The Driscoll Agency
    Kathy Fyfe, The Marr Companies
    Jason Emery, Trane
    Frank Gazzola, Trinity Building & Construction Management Corp.
    Cam Nekoroski, United Civil, Inc.
    Michael Dell Isola, United Civil, Inc.
    Marsha Miller, Vanderweil Engineers
    Myles MacDonald, Victaulic
    Michael Belanger, Victaulic
    Clive  Tysoe, VJ Associates of New England, Inc.
    Walter Rich, W. T. Rich Co., Inc.
    Robbin Beauchamp, Wentworth Institute of Technology
    Sara Dell, Wentworth Institute of Technology
    Elizabeth Gunning, Wentworth Institute of Technology
    Philip Hammond, Wentworth Institute of Technology
    James Morgan, Worcester Air Conditioning
    Todd Thorvaldsen, Worcester Air Conditioning
    Mike Williams, Worcester Air Conditioning
    Carol Dennison, WSP USA
    Michael Brown, WSP USA
    Steve Grant, WTW
    Benjamin Nossek,Zurich North America

  • Who we are...the Massachusetts Building Congress brings together decision makers from all corners of the $7.4 billion design and construction industry in Massachusetts. Established in 1921, the MBC provides business and networking forums for professionals in the AEC community. Through our monthly breakfast programs, social and fundraising events, and educational forums, the MBC helps members promote their business while advancing the mutual interests of all.