• Attended the April 20 Breakfast Program:

    Ioana Pieleanu, Acentech

    Sarah McGillicuddy, Acentech

    Christopher Angelakis, ARC/ Architectural Resources Cambridge

    Kelly Bliss, ARC/ Architectural Resources Cambridge

    David Durfee, Armstrong Ceilings

    Michael DiMascio, Arup

    Michael Sepenoski, Baker Design Group

    Stephen Decatur, Baker Design Group

    Todd Livolsi, Briggs Engineering

    Joanne Scannell, CDW Consultants, Inc.

    Colleen P. Moore, City Point Partners

    Jay Moskowitz, City Point Partners

    Cara Donleavy, Commodore Builders

    Elena Lelchuck, Commodore Builders

    Jonathan Krahl, Commodore Builders

    Ted Shannon, CUBE 3 Studio

    Delwyn Williamson, Daedalus Projects, Inc.

    Jessica Lutz, E.M.Duggan

    David Herdenson, EMJ Construction

    Scott Giacomozzi, EMJ Construction

    Paul Foley, PLS, Feldman Land Surveyors

    Steve Wilkes, Feldman Land Surveyors

    Michael Feldman, Feldman Surveyors

    Cheryl McIntosh, Flow Tech, Inc.

    Tom Proietti, Flow Tech, Inc.

    Doug Aghjayan, P.E., GEI Consultants, Inc.

    Ileen Gladstone, GEI Consultants, Inc.

    Mike Yako, GEI Consultants, Inc.

    Richard Tobin, P.E., GEI Consultants, Inc.

    Jim Britt, GEI Consultants, Inc.

    Gary Walker, IBEW Local 103

    Lou Antonellis, IBEW Local 103

    John Guarracino, JM Electrical Company Inc.

    Mark Chardavoyne, JM Electrical Company Inc.

    Matthew Guarracino, JM Electrical Company Inc.

    Niall Black, JM Electrical Company Inc.

    Paul Guarracino, JM Electrical Company Inc.

    Renee Leary, JM Electrical Company Inc.

    Julie Toland, Lee Kennedy

    Christoph Kapp, Liberty Mutual Surety

    Charlie Kletecka, Limbach Company LLC

    Tom Roche, Limbach Company LLC

    Phil Cyr, Longden Company

    Daniel Perruzzi, Jr., AIA, Margulies Perruzzi Architects

    Kathy Fyfe, Marr Scaffolding Co.

    Tom McCafferty, Marr Scaffolding Co.

    Michael McDonald, McDonald Electrical Corp

    Mike Murrin, McDonald Electrical Corp

    Phil Reardon, McDonald Electrical Corp

    Robert Royle, McDonald Electrical Corp

    Grant Caldwell, Millwork One

    Michael McNulty, Millwork One

    Melissa Desingco, Neoscape

    Dan Wilson, Omnilite

    Jeffrey Landes, Omnilite

    Paul Abdella, Omnilite

    Angela Nicolopoulos, Peabody Office

    Bradford Hawes, RDK Engineers

    Deborah Nicolini, RDK Engineers

    Patrick Murphy, RDK Engineers

    Philip Clendaniel, RDK Engineers

    David McGann, Schneider Electric

    Andrew Krenning, Siemens

    Brycen Spencer, Siemens

    Francesco Spagna, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

    Kamran Nafissi, Strategic Workspaces, LLC

    Jim Grossmann, Suffolk Construction

    Timothy Harris, Suffolk Construction

    Chris Huff, Tandus Centiva - Tarkett

    Regina Moyer, Tandus Centiva - Tarkett

    Ariana Mansfield, TEC Systems Inc.

    Jay Driscoll, The Driscoll Agency

    Beth Musacchio, Timberline Construction Corporation

    Jeff Burke, Timberline Construction Corporation

    Steven Kelly, Timberline Construction Corporation

    Hanh Hariprasad, Travelers

    Will Darrin, Travelers

    Parke Rhoads, Vantage Technology Consulting Group

    Elizabeth Grob, VHB

    Lauren DeVoe, VHB

    Rick Dupuis, VHB

    Sabrina Bauer, VHB

    Sara Forbes, VHB

    Seth Lattrell, VHB

    Kevin Doty, Victaulic

    Paul Catanzaro, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff


  • Who we are...the Massachusetts Building Congress brings together decision makers from all corners of the $7.4 billion design and construction industry in Massachusetts. Established in 1921, the MBC provides business and networking forums for professionals in the AEC community. Through our monthly breakfast programs, social and fundraising events, and educational forums, the MBC helps members promote their business while advancing the mutual interests of all.