• Attended the January 26, 2017 Breakfast Program: 

    Kimberly Small , 360 Klarity Financial
    Joe Flynn , Allsteel, Inc.
    Tony Giordano , American Contractors Corp.
    Samantha Giordano , American Contractors Corp.
    Tammy Robbins , American Contractors Corp.
    Mark Herendeen , Aon Risk Solutions
    Gregory Steele , Aon Risk Solutions
    Madaline Hale , ARC/Architectural Resources Cambridge
    Kelly Bliss , ARC/Architectural Resources Cambridge
    Richard Lampman , ASCON Construction
    Bob Voth , Bala Consulting Engineers
    Henry Hudson , Bala Consulting Engineers
    Corrin Wolf , Bala Consulting Engineers
    Richard Kosian , Beals and Thomas, Inc.
    Caroline Fitzgerald , BOND
    Jeff Shute , Bowdoin Construction Corp.
    Sean Ewald , BSC Group, Inc.
    Kevin Barbera , Business Development Advisory
    Joseph McCoy , C. E. Floyd Company, Inc.
    Laura Cannistraro , Cannistraro
    John Cannistraro , Cannistraro
    Tom Palange , Cannistraro
    Jessica Floyd , Cannistraro
    Haril Pandya , CBT Architects
    Alicia Flanagan-Poole , Commodore Builders
    Stan Martin , Commonsense Construction Law LLC
    Jeff Fishbone , Cranshaw Construction
    Chris Jones , CRJA-IBI Group
    Carl Frushour , CRJA-IBI Group
    Michael O'Leary , Cushman & Wakefield
    Michael O'Leary , Cushman & Wakefield
    Joyce Blatt , DMS Design, LLC
    Alexandra Dupnik , Dyer Brown Architects
    Antonios Vytiniotis , Exponent, Inc.
    Ron Finlayson , E-Systems Corp.
    Eric Cohan , Groom Construction
    Maureen Flynn , Haag 3D Solutions
    Michael Barnes , High-Profile Monthly
    John Connelly , Hinckley Allen
    Dustin Feldman , IdeaPaint
    Patrick Hopkins , J. M. Electrical Co., Inc.
    Adam Palmer , J. M. Electrical Co., Inc.
    Matthew Guarracino , J. M. Electrical Co., Inc.
    Michael Sams , Kenney & Sams, P.C.
    Aaron Ford , L.A. Fuess Partners-Boston, LLC
    Michael Cusic , Lee Kennedy Co., Inc.
    Julie Toland , Lee Kennedy Co., Inc.
    Phil Cyr , Longden Company
    Derrick Goodwin , Margulies Perruzzi Architects
    Janet Morra , Margulies Perruzzi Architects
    Alvaro Ribeiro, AIA , Margulies Perruzzi Architects
    Daniel Perruzzi, AIA , Margulies Perruzzi Architects
    Jan Breed , Massachusetts Building Congress
    John Martin , McCarter & English, LLP
    Sara Bryant , Murtha Cullina LLP
    Kathy McMahon , National Development
    Tom Burke , National Development
    Andrew Gallinaro , National Development
    Ben Goldfarb , Nauset Construction Corp.
    Steve Ventresca , Nitsch Engineering, Inc.
    Gary Pease , Nitsch Engineering, Inc.
    John Schmid , Nitsch Engineering, Inc.
    Paul Abdella , Omnilite
    Dan Wilson , Omnilite
    Angela Nicolopoulos , Peabody Office Furniture Corp.
    Joseph Kifer , RDK Engineers
    Rich Trabucco , Reflex Lighting
    John Hasson , Reflex Lighting
    Kim Sousa , Sanborn Head & Associates
    Patrick Malone , Sanborn Head & Associates
    Justin Simmons , Schneider Electric
    Gerard Baer , Schneider Electric
    Rocco Derrigo , Siemens Building Technologies
    Dan O'Hara , Siemens Building Technologies
    Charles Cobb , Silver Lake Legal
    Matthew Carlton, AIA , Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
    Fran Harrison , SMRT
    Vcevy Strekalovsky , Strekalovsky Architecture
    Sarah Shields , Timberline Construction Corporation
    Sara Kudra , Tsoi/Kobus & Associates
    Liz von Goeler , Tsoi/Kobus & Associates
    Richard Fisher , U.S. Global Marine
    Marsha Miller , Vanderweil Engineers
    Sabrina Bauer , VHB
    Kevin Doty , Victaulic
    Robbyn Beauchamp , Wentworth Institute of Technology
    Phil Hammond , Wentworth Institute of Technology
    Jason Gregoricus   , Wentworth Institute of Technology
    Martha Sheehan , Wentworth Institute of Technology
    Shauna Riordan , Wentworth Institute of Technology
    Dalya Al Mharib , Wentworth Institute of Technology

  • Who we are...the Massachusetts Building Congress brings together decision makers from all corners of the $7.4 billion design and construction industry in Massachusetts. Established in 1921, the MBC provides business and networking forums for professionals in the AEC community. Through our monthly breakfast programs, social and fundraising events, and educational forums, the MBC helps members promote their business while advancing the mutual interests of all.